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Be assured that your book is in expert hands. Our writers are well-versed in their craft of writing in different genres. They know how to do their research to make your book informative and a good read! Contact us today and purchase our affordable packages that don’t weigh heavy on the pocket.


We make sure we format your book to perfection and make it look aesthetically pleasing to the reader.

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Here at Beacon Book Writing, our readers are the best at producing fresh and original content with their writing and research skills.

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Our writers are professional and you will enjoy their work ethic. They comply with your demands and treat your book as if it is their own.

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Our work can be trusted and is accurate, and true. They are also dependable and reliable so you won’t have to worry!

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Our illustrations draw in the readers and compel them to pick up your book out of curiosity. This improves your customer base.

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Our writers are the best at producing fresh and original content with their writing and research skills.

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Access the best of writers and avail of our affordable service packages. We guarantee that you will undoubtedly be satisfied with our work. We have a lot to offer with our customer-oriented services because you always come first!

Our services include:

  • Cover Designing
  • Audiobooks
  • Internet SEO and web design
  • E-Book Publication
  • Book video trailers
  • Publicity and branding


Unlimited revisions

We believe that in order to make your book perfect, we should receive your revisions.


Seal of Approval

We make sure we receive your seal of approval before moving on to later stages.



You have full authorship over your book and have complete rights over it.


Intricate research

Our writers are experts in the art of research to produce concrete content.

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From the writing process to editing and proofreading, we have you covered! Our editing and proofreading services are designed to assist your book in becoming a best-seller. You can contact our customer service specialist for assistance.

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We offer a wide array of services in the area of ghostwriting, book publication, and the best part, even marketing. This ensures that your book is the most tangible form of your story.

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